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Environment protection and sustainability


our natural treasures

The area of ​​the Római Baths has been serving the people living here for thousands of years. We are in possession of a natural and historical treasure, the protection of which is particularly important.

The economical use of natural karst water is facilitated by the fact that all pools are equipped with filtering-circulating equipment. The water in the 33-metre swimming pool is cooler than usual, being 21-22°C. This is the natural temperature of the sources that feed the pool, and we don't heat it any further.

The several hectares of green space of the open air bath are cared for by gardeners at all times of the year. Trimmings and plant waste are composted, and the mature compost returns nutrients to the soil when dispersed.

Selective waste collection is practised. Please continue the selective waste collection practise you follow at home. The beverage bottles are to be flattened and thrown into designated containers!