Online tickets

Prices - 2023

Adult ticket3 200 Ft3 600 Ft
Child, student, senior ticket (1)2 800 Ft3 100 Ft
Afternoon ticket (from 5 pm2 800 Ft3 100 Ft
Family entrance ticket for 3 (at least 1, 3-14-year-old child)6 400 Ft7 200 Ft
Family entrance ticket for 4 (at least 2, 3-14-year-old children)9 200 Ft10 300 Ft

(1) In order to purchase a discounted ticket, the proof of eligibility must be provided! In case of a senior ticket the retirement certificate and in case of a student entrance ticket a full-time student certificate.

The entrance tickets for adult are valid all day for people aged above 14.
The entrance is free children aged under 3.
The entrance tickets for children are valid all day for children aged 6-14.
Children aged under 12 can enter the baths only with an adult attendant.

Safe1 000 Ft
Lost proxy watch/key fee3 000 Ft

Budapest Card is accepted for daily tickets. Further information can be found at